Mt Adams: The Bumper

I did a lollipop loop up the PCT, camping on top of The Bumper, and returning via Riley Creek and the Riley cutoff trail back to the PCT. The Bumper (top at about 6500 feet) is a bump on the side of Mt Adams that sticks about 300 feet above the slope about one mile north of Horseshoe Meadow.

The lupine were out at Horseshoe Meadow

The creek through Horseshoe Meadow was running but very silty

To get to The Bumper this way, you follow this creek, which goes over this waterfall

After a while you see this hill which you have to go up

And at the top of that hill you see The Bumper from the south side

Mt Adams from The Bumper

The top is huge and flat, maybe 100 yards across, plenty of room to set up camp. I set up camp in a place sheltered from the wind and relaxed a while

Then I decided to head up there and check it out. I followed the creek.

And followed it some more

Looking back at The Bumper with Mt. Saint Helens in the distance. My camp was on the right side in this view.

alpine flowers doing very well in a sheltered spot

This is my high spot, at about 7000 feet

Coming back down, I saw these animal tracks, showing some wildlife do go up there

The red arrow marks where I think my high spot was

Sunset on Mt Adams

Sunrise in the morning. Clouds had moved into the lowlands but Mt Adams cast a wide shadow

Finally the sun rose over the mountain

Heading down was miles of hiking through the flowers