Mt Adams North and West - Labor Day Weekend

I always go on Mt Adams on Labor Day weekend because everything else is so crowded and I know how to find uncrowded areas. I did a "T" route: up the Divide Camp trail, left to camp. Then back, past that trail and to the west side to Riley Creek.

First Adams view (Adams Glacier) in the big meadow near Divide Camp

Wimpy logs across Adams Creek - some people were wading higher up, but I crossed this

This unnamed pond was full when I camped next to it a month ago

Killen Creek and footbridge

I tried going up above Foggy Flats on an old trail to a pond up high, but the old trail was no more and so I gave up on that and went to my fav spot next to the Muddy Fork. Mt Adams had a messy hairdo that evening

But the next morning she was all cleaned up

Then I retraced my steps from the day before. This is the pond on the Highline Trail just above where it leaves the PCT.

The water was lower on Adams Creek - it was about two hours earlier in the day

Mutton Creek was quite silty

I set up camp just above the PCT next to Riley Creek. This is maybe the only place where Mt Adams has anything like a pointed peak, with the Pinnacle dominating. The point of the Pinnacle is not the summit, but that is hidden from here.

It was early afternoon when I set up camp and my goal was to dayhike up the Riley Creek drainage, so that is the next series of shots, starting with the lower waterfall


rock outcrop

part way up I was surprised to see some people, then I was more surprised to see a hammock camp

More meandering

More waterfalls (there were many)

My high point, probably only about 6400 feet, the Pinnacle still dominates

And on the way home the next day, a nice view of Rainier