Mounts Whitney and Muir

Doug and I had a goal of climbing all of the 14,000 foot peaks in the Sierra. And now that I was planning to move to Colorado the following year, time was limited. In this trip, we summited on two of them. We had in fact topped Mt Whitney before, but not Mt Muir. Our ascent of Mt Whitney before had been via the hiking trail. This time, we would backpack to its east side, climb the classic route on the east face, taking our gear with us, and then on the way down the Whitney trail, we would climb Muir. This meant going light if we were going to take all of our gear up the technical east face of My Whitney.

Mt. Whitney from Whitney Portal

Mt. Whitney East Face

Iceberg Lake bivi

The “Washboard” on Whitney east face

Whitney summit shot

Owens Valley and approach canyon

Dean on Mt. Muir summit

Doug on Mt. Muir

Hitchcock Mountains and lakes

Mt. Whitney trail route

rainbow in Owens Valley

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