Mesa de Anguilla

Mesa de Anguila

Big Bend National Park

The Mesa de Anguila is on the western-most edge of the park. Although the Marufo Vega hike that I started with is the only hike that I saw no other people on, this one is often considered the most remote. But I saw four other groups of backpackers during my trip. Nonetheless it is a very scenic area with many possibilities for exploration for those who want to get away from the trail. I saw one couple who said that they had been hiking for two weeks from the Chisos!

I started the the regular trailhead outside of the park on the east side. I hiked about six miles to the Tinaja Blanca area where I found an open spot with a view. The views of the Rio Grande valley and into Mexico were fantastic. The trail was always easy to follow.

From the start, looking at the Saddle that the trail goes over.

Hiking across the flat desert to the Mesa.

The Saddle from near its bottom.

Looking back west from the top of the Saddle.

Looking ahead, east, across the Mesa.

A three picture stitch of the southern view. Click here for a larger view.

Cactus - cholla? - growing out of the rocks.

The trail across the Mesa.

Small water holes in the rock.

My camp near Tinaja Blanca.


A broader view of my camp. My tent is barely visible in the middle at sunset.

Almost the same view the next morning. My tent is almost too small to see in this shot.

Heading out.

Coffee again for the morning chill - somewhere near freezing.


This is the Saddle from the top, hiking out.


Looking down from the Saddle. The trailhad is center/right just in front of the light-colored hill.

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