Marufo Vega

Marufo Vega

Big Bend National Park

Marufo Vega is the name of a hike in the southeastern part of the park. It is a "lollipop loop" where you hike in five miles to a trail split forming a loop, which goes to the Rio Grande in the Boquillas Canyon. The complete route is 14 miles. I hiked in on the northern branch and camped soon after where the north branch turns to parallel the river. This was the only hike I went on where I saw no other people the entire time.

Looking ahead to the the Sierra del Carmen mountains in Mexico.

Trail sign.

The beginning of the hike in the desert plain.

A large cricket rests on my shoe lace.

The trail goes up the left side of this ridge.

A cactus grows right out of a rock.

The Rio Grande.

My campsite near the river.

Sunrise and the Boquillas Canyon.




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