Lewis River Trail

The Lewis River gets its start on the west slopes of Mt Adams and cuts a southwest course across the middle of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest to the Swift Reservoir. This trail follows it for many miles, sometimes remote, sometimes next to the Lewis River Highway (Forest Road 90). I did the southern/westernmost section of the trail on this trip, starting from the Curly Creek Falls trailhead area. It's is a rich mossy forest.

Driving there you from Carson, you pass the McClellan viewpoint. I could not pass up the shot of Mt St Helens.

The Lewis River on a sunny spring day.

Two and a half miles up, you reach Bolt Camp

The Bold Camp Shelter has seen better days.

This is a forest of large trees and large trees fall down and get in hiker's way. The people who keep this trail open have their work cut out for them, literally (as in cutting the trees).

Looking across the river from my camp

I saw elk on a number of occasions, this is the best shot I got.

The trail has a collection of rustic and interesting bridges.

This one is at the lip of a tall waterfall.

In need of replacement.

Using the resource.

An example of nature using a resource.

The Lewis Trail stretches through endless mossy forest.