Lewis River & Quartz Ck 2018 pt 2

The Lewis River trail ends on Forest Road 90 and across the road the Quartz Creek trail starts

Two miles up is Straight Creek, a tributary to Quartz Creek, though I think it had more flow

Confluence: Straight Ck on the left, Quartz Ck on the right

Lower Quartz Creek falls - you have to wade out to get to this spot looking down on the falls

I set up camp at the large camping area there and after eating lunch and relaxing, I put on the daypack and hiked two more miles to the small campsite on Snagtooth Creek, and to my surprise, this early in the season, there were blueberries!

Striking bloom along the trail

Tiger lily

Big trees along Quartz Creek

The striking bedrock colors and shapes of Straight Creek

Strange "ear lobe" (my name) fungi on a dead tree

The next morning I waded to a sunny rock in the middle of the creek to enjoy my coffee

That night, camped on the Lewis River again, this raptor was doing loops above my cliffside camp

And lastly, this 3-inch wingspan butterfly gave me some good opportunities as it fed on some nectar