Lemei Rock and Wapiki Lake

The Lemei Trail heads west from the easternmost corner of Indian Heaven Wilderness. Three miles up, a spur trail cuts off for a half mile to Wapiki Lake. Wapiki Lake is the highest lake in Indian Heaven. Less than a mile further up the regular trail, you pass by Lemei Rock, the highest point in Indian Heaven. It's a steep and loose scramble to the top.

On Sept 27, 2009, a Sunday, I hiked up the trail to Lemei Rock and scrambled most of the way to the top. But being alone, and with a strong wind, I decided not to go to the top and on the last more exposed section. On the way down, I stopped over at Wapiki Lake.

Quite a dense bunch of funjiness next to the trail

The huckleberry bushes are starting to change color in some places

Mt Adams

Wapiki Lake

Lemei Rock. The best route from this side goes up the slope in the middle-right, and then left along the top ridge. The highest point is on the left, or south, end of the ridge

The summit rock from as close as I got

Looking west at Lemei Lake and Mt St Helens

Mt Rainier to the north

Lemei Rock ridge with Mt Rainier

One part of the trail along the ridge

Red Mountain

A meadow along the trail

Wapiki Lake

The pond next to Wapiki Lake

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