Java and Bali

I started the trip with a week each in Java and Bali. In Java, I visited some friends in Bandung, but spent much of the week in and around the town of Yogyakarta. On Bali, which is an island just off the east end of Java, I spent most of the time near the town of Ubud, which is the cultural and artistic center for travelers visiting the island.

Gamelan music is very popular in Java.

Borobudur is a huge ancient temple outside of Yogyakarta.

Sitting in my hotel room in Bali, near Kuta.

Rice fields in Bali.

A local climbs up a palm tree to get a coconut.

And hacks it open for me, and some change.

A typical religious offering in Hindu Bali.

More rice paddies.

My guide for the hike up Agung Volcano, the highest peak on Bali. It was a trail that gained 7000 feet. Here, the trail is undercut beneath a tree, and we must climb the roots around it.

Looking at the lowlands of Bali from Mt. Agung.

Looking up at the summit. The higher peak in the background is on a different island.

Dean on the summit of Mt. Agung.

An idyllic Bali scene, this exact one found on many postcards.

Kuta Beach, one of the most popular on Bali.

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