Indian Heaven PCT-CCT Loop

In the Indian Heaven Wilderness area, I did a loop hike of the Pacific Crest Trail and the old Cascade Crest Trail. The latter is not on the new maps and no longer maintained, but is still in pretty good condition. I started at Cultus Creek Campground going up the Cultus Creek Trail to the PCT, then to Chenamus Lake where I picked up the CCT on the south side. It leads eventually to Junction Lake, from which I returned via Bear Lake and the Indian Heaven Trail. This area is known for lots and lots of lakes.

Mt Adams in morning light

A little later as I descended the other side of the ridge, there was a nice view of Mt Saint Helens

Chenamus Lake

A small unnamed lake along the CCT about a half miles from Chenamus

Though generally in good shape, there were areas where the trail was water-logged

This was about as faint as the CCT got. I saw horseshoe tracks on the trail in this meadow

Rush Creek

A nice meadow with some fall colors

A very large meadow as I got close to Junction Lake

Junction Lake

The Pacific Crest Trail surrounded by the Pacific Crest Moat

Bear Lake

Deer Lake

Clear Lake

Cultus Lake

Deep Lake

A parting shot from Mt Adams