Horseshoe Meadow and Around

On this year of record low snowpack, I hiked up to Horseshoe Meadow via the Stagman Ridge Trail over Memorial Day weekend. A thick marine layer kept the lowlands dank and dark, but it was sunny and hot at 6000'.

Horseshoe Meadow was about 70% snow covered when I arrived and there were still a few clouds. I had a nice melted spot for camp.

After arriving around 1:30 and relaxing a bit, I took off for Lookingglass Lake. There was a fair amount of dry trail initially with lots of phlox blooming

After which I hit full and deep snow on the trail. After turning downhill that snow abated and the lake was fully melted out in all it's charred glory from the Cascade Creek Fire

The nearby falls on Cascade Creek

Back near camp on the ridge at the south end of Horseshoe Meadow, I could see the marine layer that most people were under

But at 6000 feet, I had blue skies and a great view of Mt Adams

The next morning I took off cross country to hike up to a feature named The Bumper. You cross to the upper end of Horseshoe Meadow and start up a ridge. Initial view back down to Horseshoe Meadow.

Near the top of the ridge, you look across at The Bumper (6490')

Looking up at Mt Adams from there

Looking west to Mt Saint Helens above the marine layer

I plodded through the soft snow even higher

Alas, it was time to head for home