Highline Trail

The trail around Mt Adams has many different numbers and names. The Highline covers the section on the north side of the mountain between where the PCT starts heading down just east of Killen Creek to Devils Garden at the Forest Service-Yakama boundary. I did not make it all the way to Devils Garden this time, but covered most of it.

I decided to start on the Divide Camp Trail and turn left on the PCT where I could then get to the Highline in about 3 miles.

A glimpse of Mt Adams in a tree break on the Divide Camp trail

After turning left on the PCT you have to cross the debris basin of Adams Creek

the logs across the creek are set up pretty good this year

well aged shroomage

I took a snack break at the top of the Killen Creek cascade

day horsers around Killen Creek

the Highline Trail goes up where the PCT veers left

some major trail work on it

from my camp at the edge of the Muddy Forks debris basin - weather moved in and canceled my afternoon dayhike to Devils Garden

Much better in the morning after a cold night

Two piles of rocks

alpine flora

my morning high point - major dark clouds moving in out of view to the right

on the way back, pond and peak

this time I took a snack break at the bottom of the Killen Creek cascade

parting shot from PCT near Divide Camp trail