Grassy Knoll

Grassy Knoll is a nice ridge hike on the west side of the Little White Salmon drainage. It goes a couple of miles to it's namesake grassy knoll, and then a few more to a junction with the Pacific Crest Trail, where a short but steep trail leads to the top of Big Huckleberry Mountain.

From the side of the ridge, you can see this large flat area, which is the large lava bed that is next to road 66. It looks like a normal forest from up here, but if you are close, the ground is very rocky. The mountain in the distance is Little Huckleberry Mountain, which oddly is 500 feet taller than Big Huckleberry Mountain

This is a great flower hike - here are a couple of early examples

Bear grass

The Grassy Knoll itself

Indian paintbrush seemed to be the most common

Cold Spring Camp is the only developed spot to camp along the trail

There were decent views of Mt. Adams from many points, this one from Big Huckleberry Mountain was the best of the day

Mt. Hood had been hidden in clouds most of the day, but came out on the way back

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