Grand Tetons: Death Canyon Shelf

As the name implies, there is Death Canyon in Grand Tetons National Park, and on the slope above one side, there is a large shelf. It is a magnificently spectacular location for our third camp. We had been permitted to camp in the canyon itself, and that made our daily hikes more even. But I heard that the views from the shelf were great, so we made our third day shorter and fourth much longer (17 miles) in order to camp here.

All camping zones have these signs as you enter

Entering the shelf - most of it is not this wide

the wall above the initial part of the shelf

The view of lower Death Canyon, where we would hike the next day

The main section of Death Canyon Shelf

The ridge that extends east of the shelf

What the wall behind our camp looked like. Those huge blocks would be quite the crash when they fell.

Upper Death Canyon

The best campsite, with water nearby - water can be scarce on the shelf

Relaxing on the shelf

The Shelf had a lot of geological oddities, like this naturally tiled ground

And a fantastic view of sunset on the Tetons, with the help of a good zoom

Even some friendly neighbors

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