Grand Tetons - Paintbrush to Cascade Canyon

You cross Paintbrush Divide to get to Cascade Canyon. It is the highest pass on the loop at 10,700 feet.

Sunrise at our Paintbrush Canyon camp. The huge fires in Idaho were a few hundred miles west of here and affected views throughout the trip.

Paintbrush Divide. The trail zigs right across the yellow slope, then switchbacks left, staying at the base of the steep rock, reaching the ridge just to the right of the highest snow.

My hiking partner nearing the pass - it's not as exposed as it looks

Looking down the other side at Solitude Lake. This is a 14 mile RT dayhike up Cascade Canyon, but camping is not allowed at this lake.

Looking down the north fork of Cascade Canyon - our trail to Solitude Lake on the left, and the Grand dominates. The North Cascade camping zone is down there but our zone for the night was in the south fork - down 2700 feet from the pass then up a bit.

From Solitude Lake, with the sun behind the peaks, they were mostly a silhouette.

We took a long break at Solitude Lake at 9000 feet. Thunderstorms were a thing of the past for us, so I was able to relax for a while.

Descending the north fork Cascade Canyon

After descending to the meeting of the two forks at 8000 feet (via the canyon on the left), we started up the south fork and soon started looking for a camp in the camping zone that was maybe 3 miles long. This is looking back at the backside of the wall that was above our camp the night before.

From our camp in the south fork Cascade Canyon, the west wall of the Grand Teton dominates. You can't see the summit point from here, but from our camp at 8700 feet, this rises probably over 4000 feet.

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