Grand Tetons - Paintbrush Canyon

We did a large loop, going up Paintbrush Canyon - the northernmost entry point for a Teton Crest Loop and did a counter-clockwise loop. Almost everybody else was heading north because there is a tram to the south of the park that accesses the southern end of the Teton Crest, letting people avoid a lot of uphill. Most of them leave via Cascade Canyon.

We started by getting a ferry ride across Jenny Lake (it runs every 15 minutes or so) and then the trail heads north along Jenny Lake through a burn for a couple of miles

Up Paintbrush Canyon

Looking back at Leigh Lake, and Jackson Lake behind

Our reservation was in the Upper Paintbrush camping zone, and we got a spot at 9400 feet (most were higher up). My tent is gray and lower center in the trees on the small ridge.

We had our own small tarn near camp

Thunderstorms threatened most of the afternoon, but never really rained. The hard rain was farther south. When it started clearing after dinner, I did a short 2 mile loop past Holly Lake (which is really where you should get your reservation for if you go here)

Presumably this is how the canyon gets it's name, though somebody says it has lots of Indian Paintbrush sometimes

We saw zillions of pikas on the trip, but most were a lot more shy than this one

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