Grand Tetons - Hurricane Pass and Alaska Basin

This was the money day. Cross two passes, including Hurricane Pass, with it's famous views of the Tetons.

But we start by heading up the south fork Cascade Canyon from camp. Mid-valley are these meadows

As we get up-valley, the peaks start to emerge

Flowers were still nice

A perfectly formed glacial drainage lake, with it's own drainage spout, draining the Schoolroom Glacier (which I didn't get a decent pic of)

There I am, on Hurricane Pass. We arrived at an hour when the sun was still behind the peaks and so it looked very hazy. But I hung out a while and it improved by the minute. Still, it would be better to be here in the afternoon

After the pass, you leave the national park for a while and enter the national forest to cross an area called Alaska Basin. We were crossing this nearly 5 mile section during the day and camping beyond. Here I am entering the basin.

Sunset Lake, a very popular camping area

Just beyond Sunset Lake

Looking back across Alaska Basin towards the peaks, Hurricane Pass is off the shot, father to the left. It is not the visible notch

Leaving the Alaska Basin and approaching Mt Meek Pass

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