Grand Tetons - Arrival

We arrived in the park on a Sunday afternoon and spent time looking for a front-country campsite - third campground was the trick. But we had set aside Monday for non-backpacking siteseeing and would stay at the campground that night as well.

We were up pre-sunrise and drove to the top of Signal Mountain for the Signal View.

Looking the other way is Jackson Hole
We were camped at Colter Bay on Jackson Lake, a bit to the north

Mt Moran from the Oxbow Turnout

Jenny Lake is the main hiker access, and that is the Grand Teton on the left and Cascade Canyon, which is how many people access or leave the high country

In the afternoon I did a 9 mile flat loop hike to a Hermitage Point, a peninsula out into Jackson Lake. Thoundclouds were forming. This is Heron Lake, on the way.

Hermitage Point and the Tetons

It looked like it was pouring on the high country, and it looked like it all afternoon. From talking to hikers days later, it rained for four hours, 3 days in a row. But only a couple drops, and a few nasty gales, in the low country.

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