Frazier and Glacier Lakes

Glacier Lake/Frazier Lake Loop and Carper Pass

Wallowa Mountains, Eagle Cap Wilderness

This is a loop of about 13 miles. I took it clockwise. It goes east from the Lakes Basin, dropping down to the Wallowa River, climbing back up to Frazier Lake, where I camped, then up to Glacier Lake and Glacier Pass, before dropping down to Moccasin Lake. I then continued straight west out of the Lakes Basin and over Carper Pass.

Near Six Mile Meadow and the junction with the Wallowa River.


Upper Wallowa River canyon.


Fording the Wallowa River up high.

Approaching Frazier Lake, around the corner.

Wallowa River up high.

Camp at Frazier Lake.

Looking east across Frazier Lake.


Camp aat Frazier Lake.

Sunset at Frazier Lake.


A cascade on the West Wallowa Creek, on the way up to Glacier Lake.

On the way to Glacier Lake. The trail curves to the left in this valley.

Me at Glacier Lake.

Glacier Peak from Glacier Lake.

Glacier Lake.


Looking north from Glacier Pass down towards the east fork of the Lostine.

Part way up Carper Pass.

Looking up at Carper Pass.

The Matterhorn.


Minam Lake in the west fork of the Lostine River.

Some ponds just west of Carper Pass where I spent my fourth night.



Minam Lake.

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