Falls Creek

Falls Creek is one of the most popular hiking areas in the Wind River area of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, north of the town of Carson. The short 1.7 mile Falls Creek Falls trail leads to and deadends at the bottom of the multi-tiered waterfalls, and follows near to the very boisterous Falls Creek the entire way.

The Falls Creek trail leaves the creek fairly soon after it starts and contours up to the forest. Not many views, but it does take you to the top of the upper tier. Then it meanders through the forest for many more miles, eventually ending near Indian Heaven wilderness. The two trailheads are about a half mile apart. The trailheads are connected, and there is a short and steep spur about a mile up that also connects them.

On this trip (June 5/6 2009), I took the upper trail, camped a bit above the upper falls. Did a long dayhike further up. Then descended the steep spur to lower trail and the bottom of the falls on the way out.

Falls Creek from the bridge right near the beginning of the Falls Creek trail.

The junction with the steep connecting spur trail, a little over a mile up.

Once the trail gets back near the creek, a little while after it has flattened out, there is a sharp right turn to a very prominent spot with this view. Falls Creek canyon from above the upper falls.

From that viewpoint, a trail drops down steeply. Some views of the upper falls lip.

Or, if you have a fast internet connection, download this 8MB video.

Camp is about a quarter mile past the turnoff the to upper falls.

Falls Creek next to camp.

The scene around camp.

Continuing about a mile past camp on the Falls Creek trail is this marshy area. A reminder that we're not very far from Indian Heaven.

A collapsed lava tunnel a few miles further up.

On the lower trail, a tributary joins Falls Creek close the the falls.

Falls Creek Falls from below.

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