Enchanted Valley, Olympic National Park

I first visited the Enchanted Valley in May of 2007. It was time to visit again, this time in a group of 4, 2 of whom had never been to the Olympics. We went March 22-24, sop it was early. While this meant that the forest had not greened up yet fully, the moss was vibrant and the peaks more snowy. we saw one bear (no photo) and one herd of elk. We got started at 2pm after the drive up and camped at O'Neil Creek the first night and in the valley the second.

At the Graves Creek trailhead

East Fork Quinault River, from Pony Bridge

River and moss

Elk herd

East Fork Quinault from O'Neil camp

New trees growing from old. Note the slots in the stump where planks were inserted for men to stand on to use a crosscut saw, proving that this tree was cut before the era of chain saws

Trailside views

The logs to cross Pyrites Creek if you insist on having dry feet

The wade was much easier

Entering the valley

With the chalet

The chalet's days are numbered

Camp in the valley

Closeup of some of the waterfalls

There were frequent small snow slides

We hiked about a mile up-valley - ran into more snow and lots of downfall, and views up-valley