Descent to the Hoh

The Hoh River Valley is one of the best-known of the temperate rainforests on the Olympic Peninsula. At the ranger station, it gets an average of 142 inches of rain per year. It's also a 4400 foot drop from the High Divide in about 6.5 miles.

Starting the descent from the High Divide

Yet more ripe and sweet blueberries to keep me comfortable in the sun and heat

Don't know what this is, but there was plenty

Hoh Lake is the first destination on the way down - 1.2 miles and 700 feet down from the pass

Lots of tadpoles in the lake

About half-way down, looking through an old burn, at the Hoh River gravel bar

A profusion of logs cut to make way for the trail. These were 4-6 feet thick

Bob took this picture of me between a tree cut. Imagine having to saw through this tree!

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