I spent 10 days, from Sept 3-13, in Alaska this year. The sole focus was seven days Denali National Park. I chose Denali because the logistics are so easy. No need to rent a car or pay for a bush flight. The other side is that it is by far the most popular mainland national park in Alaska, so the regulations and permits system is far more bothersome than at any other park in Alaska. That is justified by the hundreds of thousands of visitors, even though most barely get off the bus once out of the entrance area.

I spent three nights backpacking and four nights in campgrounds. After I left, I spent two nights at the Denali Mountain Morning hostel, 12 miles south of the park entrance, before returning to the park to catch the Alaska Railroad back to Anchorage and my flight home.

One new feature of this trip report is that I took many videos with my digital camera. I got a new 2GB card for it, so there was plenty of storage space. The videos are fairly jerky - I need to see if there is a program I can smooth them out with. But seeing Alaska motion - with my narration - makes for a whole new aspect of sharing the experience. These videos can be seen by clicking on the links in the text when you find them on the following pages.

Denali National Park - arrival and first day (19 pictures)
To the first trailhead (13 pictures)
Toklat River / Divide Mountain backpack, part 1 (13 pictures)
Toklat River backpack, part 2 (19 pictures)
Tolkat River backpack, part 3 (12 pictures)
Eielson Visitor Center and Wonder Lake area (15 pictures)
Polychrome / East Fork backpack (12 pictures)
Denali National Park - entrance area hikes (19 pictures)
The Alaska Railroad to Anchorage (13 pictures)

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