Denali - Toklat River backpack, part 3

After setting up camp, I wanted to hike up the ridge of Divide Mountain. I didn't expect to get to the top, but I wanted to go up a ways. This is a view up the southern side - the top is not visible here. I got to a lower summit - it is the small high point on the lighter-colored ridge on the right side of the top in this picture.

Looking south up the Tolkat River west branch, towards the Alaska Range.

Looking south towards the lake near my camp and beyond.

Looking southeast up the Tolkat River east branch.

Two more views of the west branch, this time with the sun reflecting off the braided river.

This is looking northeast, the gravel bar I hiked in on the day before.

Click here to watch a long ten second (16 MB) video pan from high on Divide Mountain.

The next morning, after a windy night that battered my tent and kept me awake most of the night, and I'm hiking out, back to the road. This is the west branch again.

This is looking southwest again, but this morning, some weather is moving in. It was colder and much windier.

Hiking north on the gravel bar of the west branch.

More clouds move in over the mountains. Looks like my sunny days may be over.

In order to get back to the road, I had to cross the river again. Here are two pictures of it. It was braided into about six channels. I didn't spend as much time as two days ago finding the shallowest spot, so one of the channels was mid-calf depth, still not anything to worry about.

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