Copper Creek and Swamp Lake

The Swamp Lake area

Wallowa Mountains, Eagle Cap Wilderness

From Minam Lake I headed south down the west fork of the Lostine, turning left/south and up at Copper Creek. The trail eventually turns right, away from Copper Creek, past tiny Sky Lake, and goes over a pass that seems to be unnamed. From there I dropped to Swamp Lake, whose name comes from a strange series of grassy mounds on its north side, as you can see in the first picture below. I camped at some nearby ponds, and went out the same way, finishing by dropping the rest of the way down the west fork of the Lostine to where the east and west form join, and close by to the trailhead.

Swampy area next to Swamp Lake.

One of the two ponds north ot Swamp Lake.

Looking down at Long Lake.


Camp above the ponds near Swamp Lake.

The two ponds.


The hike down to Long Lake.

Long Lake.



Near the unnamed pass south of Samp Lake.

An interesting rosette of plants near the pass.

A small stream crosses a dry meadow.

The small valley just below Sky Lake and west above of Copper Creek.



My (last) camp in the small valley.

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