Chiwaukum Creek, Alpine Peaks Wilderness

Ladies Pass area

This three-day route was planned on rather quick notice as a heat-wave approached in September. I only had the written description from the internet, and was not able to buy the topo map until passing by the ranger station on the way to the route. So I didn't realize the extreme amounts of up and down. The route was mostly a loop, but the trailheads were four miles apart. I drove to the exit trailhead and left my mountain bike in the forest, so that I could ride to my car and avoid those four extra miles of walking.

The route starts with a long and gradual climb on the banks of Chiwaukum Creek.



Taking the south fork of Chiwaukum Creek, you eventually get to the head of the valley.


The first night's camp was at Lake Flora. It was about 13 miles in, a long way since I didn't start till early afternoon after the drive.


Camp at Flora Lake.


Flora Lake.


Fall colors in mid-September on the hike up to Ladies Pass.




Icicle Ridge near Ladies Pass.

Lake Brigham.

More Icicle Ridge.

Looking back down Chiwaukum Creek.


This is called the Cape Horn, and is just past Ladies Pass. The trail goes on the left side, and switchbacks up higher.


Looking southwest from just past the Cape Horn. I think that the Enchantment Basin is over that ridge.

This is Painter Creek Valley. I didn't go that way. It leads back to Chiwaukum Creek.


Lake Edna.


My route drops down into this valley steeply, and climbs back out on the other side. 1900 feet down to Index Creek and 2000 feet back up. Carter Lake is over that ridge.




After the 2000 foot climb, there is a modest descent to Carter Lake, which is below the view of this shot. Then it is up the hill on the other side another 900 feet to that next ridge. Lake Augusta is just over that ridge.


Approaching Lake Augusta at 6800 feet.

Camp at Lake Augusta.