Chisos Mountains

The High Chisos Mountains

Big Bend National Park

The Chisos Mountains are a range of peaks above 7000 feet in the center of the park. Unlike the rest of the park, they are forested with pines. They are also the most popular backpacking destination and you have to reserve fixed camping locations. There are deer (which I saw many of) and some bears (which I didn't).

I did the inner loop, a fourteen mile route. I went up the Pinnacles Trail to my camp - designated Southwest 4 - near the southern rim, and down the Laguna Meadows trail. I took a side trail up Emory Peak on the way in, but left my camera behind with my gear. The campground and the upper trails are all at about 7000 feet while the trailhead is at 5400 feet.

The first two shots are from the Chisos Basin at sunset. This is where the developed campground is, as well as the trailhead.


Near the beginning of the hike.

Looking to the lowlands.


Along Boot Creek.

A promontory on the southwest rim, near my campsite.

Southwest 4 campsite. Note the bear boxes on the left. A previous camper left soup and water.

Looking south to the Chisos foothills.

Another promontory on the southwest rim.

Emory Peak.

More views to the south.








A stitch of four shots looking south.

I took my food and stove out to this point to make dinner and watch the sun set.


On the way out.


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