Cairn Basin

Cairn Basin is a nice spot for camping on the north side of Mt Hood. It has an historic stone shelter and quite a few camping spots. Four of us hiked up the Top Spur trail to the Timberline Trail, and then across and around to Cairn Basin - about 4.5 miles and 1700 feet up. The skies alternated between blue and high clouds that washed out views. A strong breeze developed in the afternoon. We started running into snow a mile or two before arriving but it was never too much.

The glacier lilies were out in force from the trailhead to the highest altitude we reached. All seemed near peak bloom. There were other flowers as well

A pond along the Timberline Trail

One of many great views of Mt Hood

A short and steep kick-stepping snow descent to a creek. This was on the way back.

And then rock-hopping that creek

The view from camp in Cairn Basin

The old stone shelter in Cairn Basin

That afternoon we thought of walking to dollar lake. I grovelled in the dirt to get this shot of more glacier lilies.

But we hit solid snow well before Dollar Lake and our motivation plummeted, so we turned back.

The view from about where we turned around

Thin high clouds made the nearly full moon fuzzy as alpenglow bathed Mt Hood

We had a fantastic sunset show as well, both through the forest and of Mts Rainier and Adams. Here is a selection.