Berry Camp, June 2008

Berry Camp is a "rustic" backpacking spot near the top of Observation Peak on the edge of the Trapper Creek Wilderness. I decided that in this heavy snow year, the Big Hollow trail would be my best shot to get there.

The log over Dry Creek (the Forest Service warms that this wade could be difficult in early season).

The lush forest low on the Big Hollow trail.

You get to heavy snow at this flat area where the trail crosses this creek at about 3400 feet. The snow bank is up to four feet high, so you need to find a place where you can get down to the creek. It was map and compass from here.

The trail eventually reappears on the slopes for a bit. When you get to this steel pipe year-round spring, you know you're only 100 yards from Berry Camp.

Berry Camp, still mostly buried. No pun intended, but noted.

There was a tree well big enough to pitch my tent in.

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