Beargrass Bonanza On Tanner Ridge

Reports of a fantastic beargrass bloom on the Tanner Butte Trail motivated me to do the Eagle-Tanner backpacking loop this weekend. There is a section of the trail on high called Beargrass Alley. This section is usually considered a minor nuisance because the beargrass crowds the trail and can trip up hikers. I guess this bloom is the payback.

The Eagle Tanner trail up from Eagle Creek used to be rough and hard to follow in places. Not so any more.

The route start with 9 miles along Eagle Creek, the first 7 or so of which are among the most famous hikes in the region for it's waterfalls. Even on Friday afternoon the parking area was full and I had to cycle back to find a just-vacated spot. And given how many times I have hiked Eagle Creek, my photos here focus on farther up.

The sun was at the wrong angle to photograph Tunnel Falls, so I got a picture of the tunnel.

No such problem with Twister Falls

Root ball farther up

The Eagle Creek ford was a rock hop

Getting in at 7pm, camp at Big Cedar Springs lacks much tent space, this was crampt for my tent

Requiring a unique staking

The forest in the area is quite nice

Thrush Pond is already low and the stump steps mostly surrounded by grass and mud

There was some beargrass on the way up and as soon as I hit the ridge, it started

On the way up to Tanner Butte, they had a nice backdrop

There were some other flowers about too


These fields give new meaning to the term "busy bee"

Walking the gauntlet

Then it is just downhill and back

One last gush - this on Road 777