Baldy Ridge Trail

Big Baldy Ridge trail

Climbing out of the Middle Fork Valley

After my R&R along the Middle Fork, it was time for the hard work. While the descent of Indian Creek had been gradual, over 22 miles, the climb back up would be very different. Rather than following a creek out, I would be on a ridge trail. That meant that I had a steep climb to attain the ridge. It would be over 4000 feet up. The total gain took about seven miles, but most of it was in the first three. From then on, it would be more flat, with some up and down.

Hiking out of the Middle Fork valley.

Trailside flowers along the Garden Creek trail, which led up to Baldy Ridge.

Garden Creek trail.

Indian paintbrush.

Buck Lake camp.

Buck Lake.

Buck Lake and camp.

Pond above Buck Lake.

Unnamed lake near final camp.

See the squirrel in the tree?

Hanging my food to protect it from bears.

My final camp.

Here I am at that camp.

Near Chilcoot Pass again on the exit.

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