Badger Lake 2018

I hiked up to Badger Lake Monday, back Tuesday. Trail was snowless and was logged out about 2/3 the way. The rest of the way had quite a few logs, but usually straight trunks lying flat on the ground, so not bad. Weather was warm but with some clouds to cool it off. Flowers were as good as I've ever seen on Badger Creek.

Badger Creek from the road bridge at the trailhead

Evergreen new growth

Yipee! They have started clearing logs

It was a bit brushy in places

Cairn on trail indicates side trail to . . .

. . . this waterfall that I haven't seen before

trilliums are out! - last couple of miles to the lake

not sure what this is

gotta respect the leaves too!

Oh well, the entire trail is not clear yet

Ahhh - first view of Badger Lake

I walked across the spillway to get to the camping area I wanted

Camp on the east side of the lake

In the morning my camp was in the shade, so I moved to the sun on the dam