Alpine Adams - North Side

During an early September heat wave in 2014, I took a 3-day backpack on the north side of Mt Adams. It was a "Y" trip routing. I hiked in from Muddy Meadows, turned left on the Highline Trail to cross over Devils Garden and camp in Avalanche Canyon. The next day I retraced my steps and continued west past Killen Creek and hiked up to High Camp. Then out by the PCT and Muddy Meadows.

Mt Adams from Muddy Meadows, the prettiest trailhead on Mt Adams

Climbing up to Devils Garden

Desolate pumice fields just below Devils Garden

The tarn at the notch next to Goat Butte near Avalance Valley was almost dried up

Camp in Avalanche Canyon, about a half mile below the springs

The famous Avalanche Canyon springs - water gushes out of the hillside here and a couple places nearby

And within a couple hundred yards you have a brand new creek

There was another tarn just below camp, just before the valley drops off

The next day, it was back to the Highline Trail and farther. Fall is starting to arrive on the Highline Trail

Despite the popularity and crowds and resource damage, the Killen Creek area is still gorgeous

Upper Killen Meadow

Lower Killen Creek Falls, just below the PCT

I continued a mile on the PCT past Killen Creek, turned left on the very steep trail up to High Camp and set up camp there - note the mesh tent

After a break, I took the half hour hike, about half of it on snowfields, to the glacial lake at 7500'

Back at camp, as I was making dinner, I a nice sight - at least a quarter mile away were at least 20 goats

It was a gorgeous evening with the almost full moon

The next morning I awoke a little before sunrise, and with my mesh tent could see outside. The goats had come a lot closer, maybe 200 yards

After a leisurely morning, I headed out. There musth have been a fire somewhere as a strong inversion had formed - her is Mt Rainier - at least a part of it