Dean's Photography Index

The listing of trips below is long but I added the shortcut with the tags below - click on one to see trips that fit. This site is not getting a lot of new content now because most of my trips are to places I have been many times. I will only be adding a few pages per year from now on.

Mt Adams is Washington's second tallest mountain and 30 miles north of me. It is one of my most frequent backpacking destinations. Click on the Mt Adams link just below for a listing.


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Note: I do not create reports for every trip I go on, mostly just new areas for me.

Foreign travel

Tasmania, Australia 2005/6 - no pictures, my camera died
Mt. Kinabalu, Borneo 1996 (15 pictures)
Brazil: Sao Paulo and Sao Paulo Botannical Gardens 2008
Cambodia 1997 (23 pictures)
Canada: Gaspé, Quebec 2005
Canada: Strathcona Provincial Park, Vancouver Island 2006
Costa Rica 1998
Ecuador 2006
Guatemala 2010
Guatemala 2002/3
India 1997
Indonesia 1996
Istanbul, Turkey in 6 pages
Laos 1997 (34 pictures)
Mexico: Copper Canyon 2004
Copper Canyon 2012/13
Nepal index 1985, 1988/9, 1997
New Zealand 1996 in 7 pages
New Zealand 2009 in 8 pages
Pakistan 1994
Peru 2000/1
Spain and Portugal 1997
Switzerland 2006
Thailand 1989 (44 pictures)
Venezuela 1998/9 (139 pictures in 5 pages)
Vietnam 1997
Europe: London Rome Slovenia


February - Death Valley National Park
April - Central Oregon State Parks
June - Mt Rainier National Park - Paradise - with the historic Paradise Inn
June - Ingalls Creek


April - Utah: Escalante Canyons and Bryce Canyon
July - Juniper Ridge to Sunrise Peak
July - Stehekin and up to Bowan Pass in North Cascades National Park
August - Mt Rainier National Park: Windy Gap and around
August - Wallowas East Eagle Creek to Eagle Cap
September - Mt Adams Avalanche Valley and Killen Creek
September - Brandwine Meadow, BC
October - Mt Adams High Camp
October - Quinault Lake and Lodge
November - Bandon - the southern ORegon Coast


May: Rowena Crest - Tom McCall Point Trail
June: Steens Mountain
July: Glacier National Park
August: Elkhorn Crest Trail


July - Ross Lake East Bank Trail - North Cascades NP
Jul/Aug - West Fork Dosewallips River - Olympic NP
Aug - Enchanted Valley 2021 - Olympic NP
Aug - Crystal Lake and Muddy Forks Camps on Mt Adams
Sep - Mt Hood - Gnarl Ridge from Mt Hood Meadows
Sep - Mt Adams - Stagman Ridge to Salt Creek Basecamp
Sep - Goat Rocks 2021
Sep - Mt Adams - Mazama Glacier Lake
Oct - Indian Heaven Fall Colors
Nov - Return to Eagle Creek


September - Mt Adams Labor Day
August - Mt Hood Timberline Trail Loop
August - Packwood Lake and the Coyote Trail Loop
July - Olympic National Park - Dosewallips
July - Mt Adams Tryptich - Three backpacks in One Trip
June - Alaska - Wrangell St. Elias NP - Nabesna District


May: Hoh River Trail, Olympic National Park

July: Mt Adams North side I
Aug: Wallowa River east fork - Tenderfoot Country
Aug: Thunder Creek to Thunder Basin and Park Creek Pass, North Cascades NP
Aug/Sep: Mt Adams North side Labor Day weekend


May: Badger Lake
June: Benson Plateau after the Fire
June: Mt Adams: The Bumper
July: Lewis River and Quartz Creek pt. 1
July: Lewis River and Quartz Creek pt. 1
July: Mt. Rainier: Longmire to Emerald Ridge
July: Mt Adams Southwest
Aug: North Side Adams Alpine
Aug/Sept: Herman Creek - PCT Loop
Sept: Mt Hood: Elk Meadows
Sept: Indian Heaven: Deep Lake
Sept: Mt Adams south RTM camp
Sept: Crystal Lake


Mar/Apr: Rogue River Trail
May: Lewis River Trail
May: Olympic National Park: Hoh and Kalaloch
May: Red Mountain and Goose Lake
July: Great Basin National Park
July: Birthday at Crystal Lake
July: Wallowas Cornucopia Loop
Aug: Elk Cove and Barrett Spur
Aug: Great American Eclipse 2017
Aug: Olympic National Park: Obstruction Peak to Lost Basin
Sept: Mt Hood Timberline Loop
Sept: Mt Adams Lookingglass Lake and The Hump
Sept: Mt. Rainier National Park: northern lakes
Sept: Quartz Creek / Ridge Loop
Oct: Mt Adams Muddy Fork
Oct: Indian Heaven Northern Loop


April: Lake Chelan Lakeshore Trail

June: Yosemite North Rim

June: Smith Rocks State Park

July: Wallowa Mountains - Lakes Basin and Ice Lake

July: Mt Adams-The-Bumper

Aug: Mt Hood - Gnarl Ridge

Aug: Lassen Volcanic National Park

Sept: Mt Adams Highline Trail

Sept: Mt Rainier short backpacks

Sept: Jefferson Park

Oct: Mt Hood loop: Newton Ck / Timberline Trail / Umbrella Falls

Oct: Indian Heaven loop from Junction Lake


May: Horseshoe Meadow and Around (Mt Adams)

May: Cairn Basin (Mt Hood)

June: Crystal Lake Loop (Mt Adams)

June: Tanner Ridge Beargrass Bonanza (Eagle Tanner Loop)

June: Olympic National Park: Skyline Ridge / North Fork Quinault

July: Mt. Rainier Natl Park NW: Spray Park and around

July: Indian Heaven: Wood Lake

July: Mt Adams Gotchen Meadows

August: Olympic Natl Park: Duckabush Loop

Sept: Mt Hood Timberline Loop (partial)

Sept: Mt Hood East Side

Sept: Mt Adams North by Northwest 2015

Sept: Mt Rainier NP south side dayhikes


Mar: Salt Lake City
Mar: Olym Natl Park: Enchanted Valley
Apr: Zion National Park
May: Trinity Alps
June: Rock Lake Snowshoe
June: Rogue River Trail
June: South Oregon Coast
July: Upper Wenaha River Trail
July: Riley Creek Trail - Mt. Adams
July: Quartz Creek
July: Spider Gap - Buck Creek Loop with Image Lake
Aug: Mt St Helens - Windy Ridge area
Aug: Mt Adams South Side
Aug: Canadian Rockies
Sept: Alpine Adams North
Sept: Wallowa Mountains - North Bowman Area - with the historic Wallowa Lodge
Sept: Mt. Rainier East Side Hikes
Sept: Oregon Caves National Mon / SW Oregon Coast - with the Oregon Caves Chateau


Jan: Copper Canyon
Feb: Wallula Gap
Mar: Crater Lake NP in winter
Mar: Washington's Palouse Country
Apr: Silver Falls State Park
Apr: Oregon North Coast
May: Indian Corral: Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness
Jun: Big Sur Wedding
Jun: Wapiki Lake
Jul: North Cascades NP: Bridge Creek to Park Creek Pass
Jul: Mt. Rainier southwest side loop
Aug: Grand Tetons Crest Loop
Aug: Newberry Volcanic Monument: Paulina Lake
Labor Day: Mt Adams Northeast to Northwest
Sept: Crater Lake in summer
Oct: Lake Quinault Lodge and around
Nov: Anacortes and Around
Dec: Hawaii


April: The Vermillion Cliffs of Utah and Arizona
May: Mt Lassen and the 2012 Eclipse
May: Kalmiopsis Wilderness
June: Fat Wahtum Loop
July: Mt Saint Helens: Ape Canyon area
July: Wallowas West Eagle loop
August: Olympic National Park: North Fork Skokomish to Marmot, Hart, LaCrosse Lakes
Sept: Mt Adams Lake Loop
Sept: Ramona Falls and Paradise Park on Mt Hood
Sept: Blue Lake in Indian Heaven
Sept: Mt. Rainier Eastern Loop

Within the Columbia River Gorge area

Augspurger Mountain Trail (6 pics)
Badger Creek to Badger Lake (15 pics)
Barrett Spur on Mt. Hood
Bennett Pass
Berry Camp, Trapper Creek area
Benson Plateau
Bird Creek Meadows
Cape Horn
Casey Camp, Herman Creek (14 pics)
Catherine Creek (15 pictures)
Cooper Spur (23 pictures)
Coyote Wall area
Coyote Wall Snowshoe
Deadwood Camp, Gorton Creek Trail (7 pictures)
Mt. Defiance/Starvation Ridge (23 pictures)
Deschutes River Trail (5 pictures)
Dog Mountain in wildflower season (12 pictures)
Eagle Creek (20 pictures)
Eagle-Benson Trail (18 pictures)
Falls Creek (16 pictures)
Gillette Lake area (21 pictures)
Ski to Gotchen Ck Guard Station (4 pictures)
Grassy Knoll (9 pictures)
Green Point Mtn (10 pictures)
Herman Creek Funginess (20 pictures)
Hospital Hill (17 pictures)
Hole-in-the-Ground snow camping (7 pictures)
Indian Heaven lake backpack (10 pictures)
Blue Lake in Indian Heaven
Indian Heaven PCT-CCT Loop (21 pictures)
Indian Heaven - Lemei Rock and Wapiki Lake (17 pictures)
Wapiki Lake in June
Klickitat Trail (14 pictures)
Labyrinth (8 pictures)
Lava beds (5 pictures)
Lewis River Trail (15 pictures)
Lewis River Trail in late November
Lewis River Trail 2017

McNeil Point - Mt Hood (11 pictures)
Mt Adams Page
Mt Hamilton (13 pictures)
Panther Creek area (8 pictures)
Ramona Falls and Paradise Park - Mt Hood (11 pics)
Red Mountain Lookout (12 pictures)
Road 54 Snow Camp (11 pictures)
Rock Lake Snowshoe
Salmon River (Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness; 15 pictures)
Sleeping Beauty (22 pictures)
Soda Peaks Lake (Trapper Creek Wilderness; 25 pictures)
Stagman Ridge to Horseshoe Mdws and Mt Adams in spring snow
Swamp Creek Camp (14 pictures)
Table Mountain (5 pictures)
Tanner Ridge (10 pictures)
Teakettle Spring Camp (12 pictures)
Tilly Jane Guard House (15 pictures)
Tomlike Mountain (10 pictures)
Trapper Creek and Observation Peak (33 pictures)
Vista Ridge, Mt Hood (19 pictures)
Wahtum Lake loop (Wyeth/North Lake/Benson Plateau)
Warren Lake dayhike (15 pictures) and backpack (12 pictures)
Wicky Creek Shelter 2 pictures
Wind Mountain 15 pictures)
Wyeth trail (4 pictures)
Yocum Ridge (13 pictures)


July: Santa Cruz Island
July: Hells Canyon Rim and hiking loop
August: Alaska - Wrangell / St. Elias National Park - Sanford River Valley
August: Spade Lake
September: North Cascades National Park dayhikes
September: Paradise at Mt. Rainier


May: Denali State Park - Kesugi Ridge
June: Mt. Saint Helens - Loowit Trail Maintenance
July: Selway Crags - Selway-Bitteroot Wilderness
August: Goat Rocks Wilderness
September: The Northern Loop - Mt. Rainier National Park
December: Guatemala


January: New Zealand in 8 pages
May: Wenaha River Trail, Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness in 4 pages
June Road Trip

July: Enchantment Basin
August: Arctic Alaska - The Dalton Highway
Sept: Olympic National Park: Solduc - High Divide - Hoh Valley
Dec: Istanbul, Turkey in 6 pages


April - Owyhee Lake and area
April/May - Sao Paulo, Brazil
May - Hells Canyon
July - Strawberry Mountain Wilderness (14 pictures on page 1)
July/August - Pasayten Wilderness - Buckskin Ridge
August - Southwest Wallowa Mountains
September - Denali National Park, Alaska
September - Mt Adams north side (22 pictures)
October - Grand Canyon Natl Park - North Rim - (and the Virgin River Gorge)


Alaska - Kachemak Bay State Park
Badlands National Park, SD (24 pictures)
The Big Bend, west Texas
Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness (north), WA (40 pictures)
Devils Tower, WY (14 pictures)
Illinois River, OR (38 pictures)
Ladies Pass, Alpine Peaks Wilderness, WA (37 pictures)
Mt. Saint Helens Mt. Margaret Backcountry (17 pictures)
North Cascades National Park: Copper Ridge / Chilliwack River Loop (5 pages of 19, 20, 17, 36, and 6 pictures)
Enchanted Valley, Olympic NP (46 pictures)
Three Sisters Loop, OR
Wallowa Mountains, OR - Lakes Basin and southern Bowman index page
Yellowstone National Park (35 pictures)

Alaska - Wrangell/St Elias NP index page
Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas (18 pictures)

Indian Creek/Big Baldy Ridge Loop, Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, Idaho index page
Kauai, Hawaii (two pages: 57 and 59 pictures)
Organ Pipes National Monument (26 pictures)
Utah slots index page
Vancouver Island: Strathcona Provincial Park (and Quadra Island)
Ecuador 2006